About me

Peter Gorcsos, umelecky maliar

I was born in 1977 in Tábor, Czech Republic. I liked to draw and paint since childhood, but in 2018 I returned to it actively after finishing school. I studied at the primary art school in Moldava nad Bodvou in 1983-1990, as well as the ZUŠ in Košice in 1991-1993. I continued my further studies at the Secondary Vocational School in Košice, majoring in plastering.

In 2019, I discovered the magic of watercolor and, as a self-taught artist, I gradually began to perceive it as a very charming technique and at the same time the most difficult, where certain effects cannot be achieved in other techniques. In addition, I also reach for oil, acrylic or carbon.
I currently work in Banská Štiavnica, where I mainly draw subjects for my work in the open air, as well as at various painting plein airs, whether private or organized.
In my work, I perfected by the leading Slovak watercolorist from Galanta, Ing. Laszlo Pomothy, to whom I am grateful for his experience and trust. I also completed a watercolor workshop with world-class watercolorist Alvaro Castagnet in Rome, Italy 2022.
My last exhibitions:

  • Kúpele Dudince 2020
  • Exhibition of Slovak watercolorists in Jakarta, Indonesia 2021
  • International watercolor festival in Fabriano, Italy 2021.
Peter Görcsös